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            With the current surplus of products, consumers have been completed from simple crane (single beam crane, crane electric hoist, hanging crane) appeal to to service demands for a shift in the dominant phase. At present, many industry is entering the service times.

            After the service, in fact, the excess capacity and capital allocation to the market more breakdown, more long tail market space to fill the current market gaps. On the one hand, the market demand for the old form of the product tends to saturation. On the other hand, the service market of the new form is urgent to be excavated..

            After service, more than the first wave of service more humane, more sticky, more emotional, more emotional.

            The so-called post service is the extension of the value chain.

            Such as car after service, including upgrade, decoration, insurance, competition and cheyouhui and other; real estate services, including second-hand housing sales, leasing, and revision; medical services, including personal care, health care, pension and other; education service, including adult education, job training, expand training...

            After a period of service, to the consumer oriented, fully meet the needs of users of consumer demand is crane (single beam crane, crane electric hoist, hanging crane) adapted to survive the inevitable requirement of the market development of the situation.

            Are you ready for the service time?

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